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Our goal is to be your “luminous bridge” to the United States.  Theabridge ™ is pronounced as “thaybridge” and means “bridge of light.”

At Theabridge, we assist you with your endeavors in the United States and provide you with reliable information as well as guidance in making the right decisions for them. If you would like to work, invest, have a market research project done for your business or product, start a business, become a legal permanent resident or a citizen of the United States, study, or visit for medical care, business or pleasure, we are here to assist you.

Trust and diligence are our core values. We care deeply for Mother Earth and focus on the principle of Peace, both “at home and in the world”!  We believe that supporting and cooperating with each other, we can advance more quickly and bountifully.  Following Professor Muhammad Yunus’ example, we also take pride in working with women entrepreneurs and business owners and supporting them with flexible service alternatives for their ventures in the United States.

Immigrants founded this beautiful country and are still the backbone of the United States.  However they do need a little guidance and hand-holding while establishing their new lives here.  We are here to do that for them and are very proud of what we do.

We are a Bonded Immigration Consulting firm and are not licensed attorneys.

Once again, Welcome!  We look forward to meeting with you!


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