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Nonimmigrant Visas and Categories

(8 CFR PART 214 OF TITLE 8 OF CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS) Nonimmigrant Visas and Categories

Sec. 214.15

Sec. 214.1 Requirements for admission, extension, and maintenance of status.
Sec. 214.2 Special requirements for admission, extension, and maintenance of status.
a. Foreign government officials.
b. Visitors.
c. Transits.
d. Crewmen.
e. Traders and Investors.
f. Students in colleges, universities, seminaries, conservatories, academic high schools, other academic institutions, and in language training programs.
g. Representatives to international organizations.
h. Temporary employees.
i. Representatives of information media.
j. Exchange aliens.
k. Fiancees and fiances of United States citizens.
l. Intracompany transferees.
m. Students in established vocational or other recognized nonacademic institutions, other than in language training programs.
n. Certain parents and children of section 101(a)(27)(I) special immigrants.
o. Aliens of extraordinary ability.
p. Artists, athletes, and entertainers.
q. International cultural exchange visitor.
r. Religious workers.
s. NATO Nonimmigrant aliens.
t. Alien witnesses and informants.
u. [Reserved] (Added and reserved 9/7/01; 66 FR 46697)
v. Certain spouses and children of LPRs.
w CNMI-Only Transitional Worker (CW-1) (Paragraph (w) added effective 11/27/09; 74 FR 55094 )
Sec. 214.3 Approval of schools for enrollment of F and M nonimmigrants. (Section heading revised 9/25/02; 67 FR 60107 )
Sec. 214.4 Denial of certification, denial of recertification or withdrawal of SEVP certification. (Section heading revised effective 10/27/08; 73 FR 55683 )
Sec. 214.5 Libyan and third country nationals acting on behalf of Libyan entities.
Sec. 214.6 Citizens of Canada or Mexico seeking temporary entry under NAFTA to engage in business activities at a professional level. (Section heading revised 10/16/08; 73 FR 61332 ) (Section heading revised effective 11/12/04; 69 FR 60939 )(Section heading revised effective 1/1/04; 69 FR 11287 )
Sec. 214.7 Habitual residence in the territories and possessions of the United States and consequences thereof. (Heading revised effective 11/28/09; 74 FR 55725 ); (Added 9/19/00; 65 FR 56463 )
Sec. 214.11 Alien victims of severe forms of trafficking in persons. (Added effective 3/4/02; 67 FR 4784 )
Sec. 214.12 Preliminary enrollment of schools in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). Section added 7/1/02; 67 FR 44344 )
Sec. 214.13 SEVIS fee for certain F, J, and M nonimmigrants. (Section added effective 9/1/04; 69 FR 39814 )
Sec. 214.14 Alien victims of certain qualifying criminal activity. (Section added effective 10/17/07; 72 FR 53014 )
Sec. 214.15 Certain spouses and children of lawful permanent residents. (Section 214.15 added 9/7/01; 66 FR 46697 )