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Below are some of the testimonials and praise we received from clients and colleagues:


“Esimle ben evlendikten sonra, green card surecimiz icin birlikte calisacak profesyonel bir firma bakmaya baslamistik ki, bir arkadasimizin tavsiyesi uzerine Theabridge’i aradik ve ilk telefon gorusmesinden sonra basvuru surecimizde Theabridge ile calismaya karar verdik.

Baslangictan green card’i alana dek, tum sureclerde kolayca ve hizli ilerledik. Aklimiza takilan ve surecin asamalari ve zamanlamayla ilgili tum sorularimizi, Theabridge ekibi hic bikmadan usanmadan cevapladi. 🙂 Boylelikle biz de bu sureci Theabridge’in profesyonel, hesapli ve kaliteli destegiyle, kolayca tamamlamis olduk!

Theabridge’e tesekkur eder, kendilerini gocmenlikle ilgili islemlerinde herkese tavsiye ederim.

Cumhur Yilmaz


“I had bad couple of experiences before Theabridge Group: person collected the payment and did nothing; person absolutely so negative that almost makes you want leave the country you trying to call home. Theabridge is completely different from all that. They are the most positive and honest people you can meet.  I tried to do a Green Card Lottery Application by myself for years.  But every year there were no positive results.  After meeting with Theabridge staff and seeing how positive and how experienced they were, I decided Theabridge to do my application this time.

And before I know it, I got a phone call from them telling me I won the green card lottery.  Even the process after that was very easy and NOT stressful.  Best part is the way that they do their job.  While they tend to every case very professionally, they make it very personal at the same time. Come on how many legal professionals you know who asks you “How are you?” and actually listens and tells you “Everything will be OK!”?

Well, it was!  I got my Green Card after struggling for years with wrong people.  If only I knew the Theabridge and their Managing Director, Yasemin, back then.

As a person who experienced their services, I highly recommend Theabridge %101 today, tomorrow, and when ever.  You wont be sorry.

If you are looking for professional assistance they are the best on the market. And there is a plus if you are Turkish or speaking Turkish and you want to talk to someone in your native language. They are the one.

Theabridge and Yasemin, Thank you for everything you have done! You are awesome!”

Nesrin A., Los Angeles, CA


“Theabridge has been such a great and efficient support during my J-1 visa process. They eased the back and forth and always clearly expressed what information they needed from both me and my host company.

Some documents have been pretty long to get, but the key in a US visa process is to be patient. In addition to their professionalism, they showed a real enthusiasm and made the overwhelming paperwork process much friendlier.  I’ would definitely recommend that you choose the expertise and assistance of Theabridge for your immigration process! Thank you again for your hard work, Theabridge!”

Audrey L., Los Angeles, CA


“I have known Yasemin for around 10 years and have asked for her consultation on multiple occasions including for my very own immigration journey.  During this time, not only has she been super responsive, but also she has been very courteous and understanding.  Despite what others might say… my experience with her services has been nothing other than positive.  Most recently about a year ago, she helped with my wife’s GC application process and gave us some very useful insights and assistance.  As a result, my wife’s application was accepted without a hiccup and she got her GC soon thereafter.  

Over the years, I have recommended her and THEABRIDGE to many people around me without any reservations.  In my opinion, her honesty, professionalism, courtesy, and diligence is unparalleled and I will continue recommending her moving forward!”

Erhan E., Carlsbad, CA


 “Theabridge helped my wife and I applying for an E2 investor Visa, which was approved in just two weeks! My tourist visa was about to expire and I was really late with the application of the investor Visa, but they worked really hard to get it done on time and despite the very short amount of time, the quality of the work was not affected, the application was really strong. They also assisted us with starting our company and was instrumental in us finding an excellent CPA and a realtor which are essential for my real estate business. I highly recommend hiring Theabridge for all your company start-up, investor, and immigration-work related needs.”

Matteo Berloffa-Spadafora, Los Angeles, CA


“I applied a lawyer in New York for my work visa, H1-B.  I was being late for application because of not being able to reach him when I call. I left voice mails telling that it was urgent but he never called me back.
I was tired of trying to reach him and then I decided to go to TheaBridge and restart my process with Yasemin.
We did all my documents with her step-by-step and we sent my documents to the Department of Labor.
The application time was starting on April 4th and was going to continue but the quotas were already over on the first day. So I missed my chance to apply but she did her best to fulfill my application. My documents were not completed because of the delay on paper work at my previous job in my country. At the end we were able to get approval from Department of  Labor.  
Yasemin was very supportive and responsive in that process whenever I needed her.

We are waiting for the new immigration law and maybe new H1B application time to conclude my process.

Thank you Yasemin.”

Goksen S., Los Angeles, CA


“[Name] told me she spoke with you today and that you were very nice and helpful 🙂 I wanted to say thanks for … being so sweet and responsive this whole time! To pay it forward, I would be happy to give you/your firm a referral to future clients, or anyone, I might meet going through the immigration process.
Thanks again …, you’re the best!”

Michelle Koepp


Approve oldu waiver im. Tesekkurler yardimlarin icin!”



“Yasemin, tesekkur ederim.  Iyi ki varsin!  

..Los Angeles’ta senin kadar isini iyi ve titiz kusursuz yapanini tanimadim. Uzerimde emegin coktur. Tesekkur ederim. Bir omur.”



“I have worked with Yasemin over the course of the last 10 years on a variety of H1B and permanent resident applications. All of our petitions were successful. Yasemin always has provided great assistance and her attention to detail and knowledge of the key elements for success in every type of application is astounding. I would not hesitate to work with her in the future.”

David Novo
De Novo Software, Los Angeles, CA




“Yasemin is a woman of utmost integrity, skills and compassion. Her faith in people knows no bounds. She excels in her field and would help anyone to obtain their dream living in America.”



“Yasemin came recommended to me while I was looking for help transferring an H1-B visa from my employer to a new one. It was the 5th time I was going through the process of adjusting my immigration status. Yasemin was very good at paying attention to my case, making clear what documents … needed and explaining the process and deadlines. This is the kind of help and hand-holding you want if, like me, you find the immigration process always a little stressful.”
Vincent C.
Santa Monica, CA


“Yasemin … has continually given me peace of mind by always providing me details up-front and following up with me throughout the process. Yasemin is professional, knowledgeable yet she is warm and personable. Exact traits one would look for in a true partner.”

Ceren Guven


“… ileriki donemlerde tekrar sizinle calisma imkani bulacagimizi umuyorum
yardimlariniz icin tekrar tesekkurler”

I.A. (H-1B client)


“Hersey icin tekrar cok cok tesekkur ederim. Iyi ki sizinle giristim bu ise ben biraz heyecan yapiyorum sizin sesinizi duyunca sakinlesiyorum. :) Sagolun.”

B.A. (Immediate Relative Petition)


“Working with you everything was very good. You worked very fast and efficiently. I absolutely recommend your services!”

D.S. (Green Card and Naturalization)


“Yasemin’cigim, Bir tanesin, coook tesekkur ederim.”

F.A. (Company Start-up)


“..cok cok tesekkurler tum yardimlariniz icin..”

B.K. (Immediate Relative Petition)


“Sizlerle calismaktan ve bana verdiginiz her hizmetten cok memnunum. Her zaman kim sorarsa sizi oneriyorum.”

S.M. (H-1B applications)


“Nice nice basari dolu senelere.  Sans melegim Yasemin Elmas, sizin melek kalbinizle profesyonell birikiminiz ve ilginiz alakaniz ile ayakta durdum. Sizi seviyorum.  Yasemin Elmas’tan herkes haberdar olmali.  Icimdeki duygulari yazmakla dahi ifade etmek yetersiz kaliyor.  Iyi ki varsiniz, sizi tanimak bir ayricaliktir.”